America’s Next Top Model

I keep forgetting to blog about UPN’s show, Americas Next Top Model, which is one of my guity pleasures. Well, here goes.

The one who clearly should win is Kahlen Rondot. I picked this little angel immediately out of the group of 20 – I mean, just watching her catwalk strut was a love-at-first sight deal for me. There’s a running joke around the office that I might change my no-marriage policy in light of Kahlen’s existence.

But even removing the blinders of my personal crush – from an industry perspective, she has demonstrated more range, beauty, dedication, energy, and industry knowledge than any of them. Not a dumb girl, either. But this is reality television, and stupid things can happen. Although the judges are industry pros and need to hand the winner off to sponsors Ford Models and Cover Girl, so…

I see Naima as second. She works hard and has a great personality. A possible winner based merely on the chance that the judges decide the fashion industry doesn’t need another blond-haired, light-eyed baby doll prancing down the runway. [Post-finale EDIT: In fact, Nigel Barker said exactly this about Kahlen during their final deliberations] But aside from that consideration, Naima is a distant second.

There are only a couple others left:

I think Keenya is going to self-destruct, because she shows no signs of stopping with the face-stuffing. My guess is she’ll be sent off next, possibly with a Taco Bell gift card. One more plate of pancakes and the art director’s PowerMac is going to run out of RAM.

Brittany is a sweet, pretty girl, but she just doesn’t have the poise and grace of a fashion model. She’ll be much more at home doing motorbike and beer calendars or something. Or just Spring Break videos. I can’t imagine her as winner.

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  1. If you “know” she doesn’t, why not fill us in on a little more info? I think she does and I’m willin’ to bet ya…

  2. If you “know” she doesn’t, why not fill us in on a little more info? I think she does and I’m willin’ to bet ya…

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