An on-off button?

Olbermann’s getting it done, again. I’m really pleased he’s been doing these “Special Comments.” I’m also glad Abrams and MSNBC management are giving him the “leash” to do so. It’s sorely needed. Yesterday I was going to write a blurb about Gingrich’s remarks, but Olbermann has (again) done a far better job than I could have.

Crooks and Liars has the full transcript and video.

Some choice excerpts:

Whatever dreams of internet-censorship float like a miasma in Mr. Gingrich’s personal swamp, whatever hopes he has of an Iron Firewall, the simple fact is — technically, they won’t work.

As of tomorrow they will have been defeated by – a free computer download….

What a dark place your world must be, Mr. Gingrich, where the way to save America, is to destroy America.

I will awaken every day of my life thankful I am not with you in that dark place.

And I will awaken every day of my life thankful that you are entitled to tell me about it.

And that you are entitled to show me what an evil idea it represents — and what a cynical mind.

And that you are entitled to do all that thanks to the very freedoms you seek to suffocate.

Keep rocking, Keith.

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