Another day in Brussels

Brussels has been more fun and lovely than I expected. Other than the gourmand culture that I’m over-enjoying, it has a style and aesthetic that goes beyond its (literal) taste to include sight and touch. By that I mean, its people are focused on a sensory goodness that feels more contemporary and less traditional than London’s. There are countless shops and makers of almost any kind of food product, an abundance of high-fashion boutiques, and plenty of gathering spots for the cool kids.

As I was walking back from the Lower Town last night, I saw two girls in a GTI who had stopped on the edge of a traffic circle with their flashers on – each touching up their makeup in the car’s mirrors and giggling as annoyed drivers beeped their horns and steered around them. Clearly those angry drivers did not have their priorities straight. A girl has to primp, you know?

Some of the graffiti here is great. I wish I’d been able to get pictures of it.

After my dinner but before my dessert, I roamed through an open mall called Prince something. I saw a friendly and ambitious cat who rubbed up against me and said hello briefly but got right back to his business of treasure hunting. That’s all, for now. The full set of Brussels pictures is here.

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