AP Reporting Iraqi ‘Chaos’

Call it sensationalism by a liberal media if you wish, but it certainly seems as if the wheels are coming off of our little Vulcan Iraqi Experiment. If Japan pulls their troops – and it’s looking increasingly likely – while merely symbolic in regard to the logistics of the war, it will be a serious body blow for already-decimated US global standing.

The fact that the Shiites and Sunnis are working together to rout American forces is ominous. If this becomes a unified war of Iraqi nationalism, a sign of which might be defections from the US – appointed Governing Council, we are in for extended trouble – and we’ll see a Kerry presidency expeditiously handing this mess over to the UN next year. I want to get a cool little sticker for my car that says “VOTE NON-VULCAN” or “ANYONE BUT THE VULCANS ’04” … seen any?

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