Bird Songs and Red Mangoes

Today was one of those days that reminds me why I love living – and as a bonus, doing it here. The sun was shining and it was well above 80. The birds were singing away and frantically going about their springtime business. I have some (sparrows, I think) nesting on the north side of the house. I hear so many different birdsongs day and night that I’ve started checking to try to identify them.

The strawberries, herbs and other plants on my deck were singing too. The lemon tree is still inside (I may move her outside eventually) and the longer days of spring have clearly inspired her; she’s leafing and budding up a storm. I also seeded some Roma tomatoes … we’ll see how that goes.

The air was clear as a bell; while I can always see the Santa Monica Mountains, today their texture and colors were so rich I could almost feel them. And more impressively, I could clearly see the peaks of the San Gabriel Mountains off to the north, which are about 80 miles away and border the Mojave Desert.

I spent part of the afternoon and evening on my bike and stopped to try the new Red Mango place in Venice. The stuff is pretty good. (I had strawberries and graham cracker crust on mine, but it was more like graham cracker dust.)

I sat there for a while, lazily guarding the invisible border between Santa Monica and Venice, as it buzzed with beautiful people ramping up their Saturday night. As the sun began to let go, I rode home and decided to tell you all that this was one of those days.

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