Breaking The Trance

I loved Peggy Noonan’s piece today on Barack Obama and his apparent willingness to think and be present in the moment. This is something I really like about Obama – he, at least until recently, seems unafraid to be himself and just say what’s on his mind. Noonan says,

“You get the impression Mr. Obama trusts himself to think, as if something good might happen if he does. What a concept.”

Indeed. Andrew Sullivan has a good take on it, and America’s slumber:

“…our decision to delegate real decisions to various royal families while boning up on the latest news from Britney Spears is a sign of real decadence. In a war this dangerous, it’s positively reckless, especially given the vast new neo-monarchical powers this administration has seized and will, in large part, bequeath to the next president.”

Truer words rarely spoken.

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