Brussels Update

I am really enjoying Brussels. The food is excellent, the people nice. Were I not walking everywhere, I’d have gained 10 pounds already from the endless gustatory temptations. Today I checked out the Royal Palace, the Palace of Justice, and then wandered into the Lower Town. Centuries ago, the Lower Town was where the immigrants and workers lived, while the Upper Town was where the wealthier classes hung their hats. The two areas still have very distinct feels. I also scoped out Grand Place, which was teeming with tourists. The space is filled with some great gothic architecture, and I hung around a little while hoping they’d light the place up nicely as the sun went down, but nothing spectacular happened in that regard.

Grand Place contains the Hotel de Ville, a breathtaking gothic building erected as a town hall in the early 1400s. Its tower can be seen for miles around the city.

I had a wonderful dinner at a random place nearby – sole with lobster sauce. And for dessert I enjoyed a warm waffle with homemade stracciata ice cream. I took some photos but my flickr uploader has stopped working. I can’t tell if it’s the shitty internet access at the hotel or if there is something wrong elsewhere.

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