Bush Guard Docs Fake

Some media such as CNS are reporting that experts believe the “leaked” documents from the Texas ANG on Bush’s service might be faked.

I had not looked at them until tonight. The ones I am looking at, such as this letter purported to be from Commander Killian and this memo to the file by Killian look clearly fake to me. CBS’ claim that they “consulted a handwriting analyst and document expert who believes the material is authentic” is ridiculous on its face. (uhh hello – can we start with the fact that these documents aren’t HANDWRITTEN)?? Hey Mr. Expert, have you ever seen a computer and an inkjet printer?

Anyone who has been around computers at all will know when they see these what they’re looking at – these are very clearly documents produced with Microsoft Word in the Times New Roman font. They were then printed to an image and altered to give them the very fake-looking signs of multiple copies. There are plenty of photoshop filters that can do this easily.

These are not National Guard documents. They’re the recent handiwork of either a very clumsy democratic operative or a very clever Republican one.

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