Bush Pleads the Fifth: Beating the Impeachment Drum

Alright, folks, I am calling for the impeachment of the President. I’ve danced around it, cognizant of the appetite Americans have for such a trial after what we went through with President Clinton.

But lo, how this is different. This is not some lame civil case, not some jizz-stain on a Lane Bryant dress. If only. No – our republic is threatened and our system is being gravely damaged and it’s our job to do something about it.

The President today dodged Kelly O’Donnell’s version of the question I asked last night.

If we allow this kind of criminal behavior by our President to go unchallenged, then what kind of precedent do We The People set? What are we permitting here that future leaders will take advantage of? How do we expect to restore dignity and integrity to the office if we let such breaches go unchallenged?

If a President and his posse can get away with all of this – met only by the occasional squeak of those seen as shrill extremists – then we truly have lost our way. We get the government we deserve, as they say.

At the very least, a Special Prosecutor must be appointed at once to investigate the obvious criminal wrongdoing of this Gang.

See also: Mr. Gonzales’s Incredible Adventure and The Gonzales Coverup.

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