Car dealers still don’t seem to get the ‘net

Ok. I love cars. I love the ‘net. I love my PCs. So it’s little wonder how much it frustrates me that car dealers and service shops still have not integrated the ‘net into their business practices.

A random example. I am looking for a new car and have inquired via e-mail with a couple of dealerships (Dalzell Volvo in Norwood, MA and Boston Volvo in Boston) about when the 2005 S60Rs will be showing up.

I sent the e-mails in May – May 24 to be exact. I am sure that they were read because I used client product DidTheyReadIt and they were read within a day or two of me sending them.

I have not received a phone call nor an e-mail from either dealer in the four months that has passed. What the f*ck? I am demographically extremely desirable. I am not some kid fooling around on a Nintendo. When are these guys going to realize the Internet matters? I wonder how many sales are lost this way?

Sounds cliche to say what I just said, but … grr

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