Modern Ruins Photography

10 08 2008

Check out these photo essays.  I really want to do some of this kind of photography but have not pushed myself to do the necessary exploring.  So, for now, I’ll live vicariously through photographers like Shaun.  [h/t Sarah]

Alan Jaras’ Wonderful Photography

30 07 2008
Alan Jaras

Alan Jaras, Twisting Light #21

You need to see Alan Jaras’ breathtaking photographic work.  No PhotoShop, no digital camera – not even any lens.  [thanks, David!]

Recycled Urban Architecture

19 07 2008

Seven examples of adaptive reuse architecture projects. [via]

Post-It Note Art

19 07 2008

The shoplet blog has a couple of articles on Post-It Note art.  Nintendo’s advertising campaign is especially neat.

David Byrne Makes Buildings Sing

16 07 2008

Many of you will remember David Byrne as the lead singer of Talking Heads.  The Heads wrote a good part of the soundtrack to my youth, along with Oingo Boingo, The Cure, U2, Pink Floyd, and a smattering of others.  I never saw the Heads live (that I remember) but did see Byrne years later at the State Theater in Portland, Maine (where I’ve also seen Tori Amos, Paula Cole, and George Carlin; no, silly, not together!).  I found it powerful and interesting, but his solo music never touched me quite the way his Heads stuff did.

But these days, he’s making buildings sing.

The Past Meets The Future

15 06 2008

Check out the artwork of James White.

How to Spot a Faked Photo

15 06 2008

Here are some tricks to help you detect various Photoshop chicanery.

Graffiti Snails

3 06 2008

Multi-colored mollusks wandering London.

The Art of Chuck Anderson

31 05 2008

Great stuff – check him out.

More Awesome Desktop Wallpapers

30 05 2008

Check out these wallpaper sets – (and the earlier sets, linked within that article) .. thanks to Smashing for the usual great curating.