Be The Change – Don’t Be The Ass

I found this new video very disturbing:

Britney Spears was [rightly] excoriated for saying “I think we should just support our President in everything he does.” I expect to hear at least as much criticism of this stupidity – which brings Oval Office hero-worshiping to a new and nauseous level.

I totally agree with the “be the change” concept – nothing new (although still very rare).

But Ashton Kutcher (not the world’s brightest sociopolitical bulb) and Demi Moore pledge to be “servants” to President Obama. What the fuck are they talking about? Kutcher is the same moron who recently referred to President Bush as our “commander”.  Is he channeling jungsturm or something?

Who are these people?

And how many of them do you think could actually sit down and engage in a substantive, nuanced conversation about the important issues they’re pledging about?  Two, three, maybe?

This new Harpo Productions video feels right out of a 1930s propaganda machine. I truly sympathize with President Obama – a human facing inhuman expectations. He will have a very hard time living up to the high-style, breathless absurdity of fluff like this.

Hey idiots: pledge loyalty to ideals, or goals, or foundational principles that stir your heart and soul. Respect others, hope for the best for them, empower them, agree and disagree with them, but don’t worship them.  Pledging to be a “servant” to a single person is called a cult.

Hollywood needs political cluefulness, not a new branch of Scientology.

Here’s my pledge: I pledge to fight against blind, unquestioning loyalty of any kind. It’s what got us into the mess we’re in – and it’s certainly not going to get us out.

LAPD Chief Bratton on the Paparazzi Issue

Chief Bratton, who feels the Paparazzi Task Force is a waste of time (I agree with him), just said on MSNBC:

“Since Britney started wearing clothes and behaving, Paris is out of town not bothering anybody anymore – thank God – and evidently Lindsay Lohan has gone gay, we don’t seem to have much of an issue.”

Hey, man, don’t blame me for Linsday – I tried.

In Emergencies, Some People Are Worse Than Useless

Please, Lord, if something ever happens to me, or someone I care about, please let the people who happen to be around have at least 100% more wits about them than the people who were caring for Donda West the night she died.

Part 1 and Part 2 of the 911 tapes. How totally frustrating. [Source: TMZ]

I Wish, Wish, Wish I Looked Like Kate Bosworth

Well, my friend Chris sent me a morph video that he’d done on this web site, and being a sucker for such things, I couldn’t resist. So, I uploaded a picture of myself to their “celebrity lookalike” thing. Admittedly, I used my recent PopTech glam shot taken by my friend Asa Mathat, who’s clearly very experienced at making ordinary folks look good.
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