Merry Christmas 2008

my holiday card for you: abstraction distraction

I am sitting here in Dulles, stuck, thanks to this awesome weather (and being reminded, again, why I live where I do.)

I thought I’d take this opportunity to wish y’all – with words and a photo – a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Saturnalia, Yule, Kwanzaa, and Boxing Day.

Enjoy, everyone.  Have fun and stay safe out there.

Tom LeVine

My friend Tom was out here in Los Angeles just a few weeks ago and began feeling unwell. He thought it was food poisoning, and opted to return home to Maine early. His illness turned out to be something much more serious; he had an inoperable, malignant tumor in his brain stem.

After his return home, Tom and I would not get another chance to speak. We traded a couple of e-mails as they struggled to diagnose his condition, but that would be all.

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Boston to LA via the Slovak Republic

Dear Everyone,

I’m a year late at a true update. So, as 2007 comes to a close, it’s high time for a general update on my new scene – especially since I’ve not sent out holiday cards. Some of you have been following along here (thanks!), but most of you haven’t had the time, so here’s an abbreviation.

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My Professional Transition, Objectives, Apathy and Empathy

This is more of a “diary” entry than the usual article, so bear with me.

As many of you know, I have departed fama PR, the high-tech PR agency I helped start over four years ago. I learned a ton, worked with excellent people, served some exciting clients, and helped build an excellent business that I am proud of. However, as an entrepreneur with a short attention span, the time had come for me to start the head-clearing process and consider what might be next. I have found that a break between ventures is very good for the soul; I realize people have economic realities, but I’ve never understood how people can jump from one thing to another with any sense of clarity or direction. The time in between – for inner exploration and reflection – is precious and well worth the cost.
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My friend Scheherazade visited yesterday. She’s one of those friends who is very good for the soul. When I was in Maine, and she went away or wanted to move away, I always tried to convince her to stay there. For me more than for her, of course – as is clearly evidenced by the fact that I’m now encouraging her to move to Cambridge. When she was here we were trying to figure out what her perfect job title would be. It’s something like business or intellectual augmentation, I suspect. Or, since she and I were talking all New-Agey for a while, maybe it’s crystallization. She’s extremely unique in that she is a bit of a cognitive magnifying glass. She can take concepts (of her own or of others) and transform them from a passing haze into really beautiful, concrete concepts, images, and actions. It’s a rare and amazing gift that is applicable across disciplines. I’m very excited that she’s now considering applying that talent in the entrepreneurial space.