A Coastal Maine Halloween Mystery

Here’s an intriguing Halloween week mystery from my home state of Maine.  While the coast of New England is well known for its haunted houses, this one is a bit more obscure; apparently the tides went bezerk earlier this week, with several dramatic back-and-forth shifts of more than eight feet.  The National Weather Service could only describe it as “a mystery.”  Weird enough for me.  [h/t Jim].

Jamais Vu

Here’s a fun little list of brain oddities.  I remember as a kid my brother and I used to fuck with our heads by saying the same thing over and over again, say for a minute or so, until the phrase seemed so ridiculous that it no longer felt real – it would take on an alien, unrecognizable sense.  Try it yourself – pick a word, or a phrase, anything that makes sense to you at the moment.  Repeat it to yourself at a comfortable pace over a period of a minute or so.  It will shortly seem absurd.

Bird Songs and Red Mangoes

Today was one of those days that reminds me why I love living – and as a bonus, doing it here. The sun was shining and it was well above 80. The birds were singing away and frantically going about their springtime business. I have some (sparrows, I think) nesting on the north side of the house. I hear so many different birdsongs day and night that I’ve started checking eNature.com to try to identify them.

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Mac Wallpaper and Icon Fun

Got some great wallpaper today for my “Big Mac”.  On the big Power Mac upstairs, it’s usually some impossibly hot fashion model staring back at me (from my impossibly gorgeous EIZO FlexScan S24.)  Believe it or not, sometimes that gets old (the models, not the monitor).  Also have been playing around with CandyBar 3 and things are lookin’ awful purty. [h/t Matt Brett.]