Alan Jaras’ Wonderful Photography

30 07 2008
Alan Jaras

Alan Jaras, Twisting Light #21

You need to see Alan Jaras’ breathtaking photographic work.  No PhotoShop, no digital camera – not even any lens.  [thanks, David!]

Spectacular Cockpit Photos

21 07 2008

Ten of them.  [thanks, Mona!]

How to Spot a Faked Photo

15 06 2008

Here are some tricks to help you detect various Photoshop chicanery.

Are Photographers A Threat?

13 06 2008

Great article by Bruce Schneier.  Also recalls my own photographer harassment.

Color Managed Firefox 3 Is Here

4 06 2008

Sorry for the geek-post, but this is something that’s been driving me nuts for years, and I’m psyched that a solution is finally here.

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The Art of Chuck Anderson

31 05 2008

Great stuff – check him out.

More Awesome Desktop Wallpapers

30 05 2008

Check out these wallpaper sets – (and the earlier sets, linked within that article) .. thanks to Smashing for the usual great curating.

Thomas Hawk and Michael Adams

26 04 2008

Thomas Hawk is making a journey this weekend into Yosemite with Michael Adams, son of Ansel – and I’m slightly envious. 😉 He, Scoble and Marc Silber are working on a video show called “Photo Cycle” that I’m now really looking forward to.

Google Photographs In Public Places, And So Do We

24 04 2008

Google has been trying to prohibit people from photographing their trade show booth at the Web 2.0 Expo. I’m getting really sick of all this. While this pales in comparison to the kind of photographer harassment I’ve whined about in the past, it does demonstrate a continuing odd attitude held by many toward photographers in public places. It’s one thing if you’re a badge-drunk sheriff’s deputy in San Antonio -but quite another for a forward-thinking technology company. It makes even less sense for a company that takes pictures of public streets and buildings and then makes them publicly available.

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Chris McCaw’s Sunburns

22 04 2008

Check out Chris’ Sunburn Galleries.