Ok all – stuff I owe all of you and that I’m thinking about (in part due to your reminders/requests:)

– Article on death / euthanasia
– Celebrity sightings (for you Hollywood-worshipping slut cultists out there)
– Trip statistics (almost done)
– Hot babe analysis across the trip
– Favorite ‘small cities’

Watch this space; pieces will move soon, I swear. Maybe even a couple this weekend.

New Rules: This Blog

Over the past couple years, I’ve tended to opt for quality (while I understand that is debatable) over quantity when it came to posting. I’d stew for a couple weeks over what to post, and finally put something up that I judged “postworthy.” But, since the next couple months is going to be a lot of travel and random adventuring, it is likely that I’ll be posting shorter pieces of less consequence. Hope they are somewhat interesting – and please, if they aren’t already low enough, lower your expectations.

Freedom Fighters and the US Space Program

I learned something new today. As one fascinated with the politics of the Middle East and with the US space program, you’d think that among the useless trivia in my head might be the little tidbit that President Reagan dedicated a shuttle launch to the Afghan Mujahideen. There’s more weirdness and irony where that came from … check it.

“We must go beyond public condemnation of the Soviet puppet regime in Kabul…”

Oh, who’d have thunk it? Oh, I know who.

Five years after 9-11, Americans seem to have learned nothing – although I guess we’ve learned to suck up the politics of fear that now permeates our so-called system of governance. And, as I allude to above, we now face many heads of a beast we helped create.

(h/t, Chris, for sending me down this rathole.)

So disturbing, it just can’t be fake

Oozing with the perpetual ear candy thrust upon us by greedy record companies who think the Internet is for gamerz, if you’re like me, you’re always on the hunt for a unique new sound that excites you and makes you believe in the power of music once again. Well, I have wonderful news. I invite you to spend some time with New Zealand-based Wing.

You know, I always loved those old ABBA tunes. We had an ABBA 8-track when I was a kid. I listened to it a lot. Wing did too.

(Thanks: Xeni)

Chilean Agents Play Rough with USSS

A story from the Washington Times about the skirmish yesterday between the US Secret Service and Chilean security forces. Ultimately the tension between the two services resulted in the cancellation of tonight’s 200-guest formal dinner. The video‘s kinda funny, if you can dig it up…. “tell ya what, we’re a little short on the staff plates, so why don’t you boys stay outside and we’ll watch the President for you, is that cool?”

CBS producer Mary Mapes

I’m still sniffing around online and trying to figure out what the deal is on this person. As the producer of the Guard Memo story, I’m surprised we have not heard more about her. CBS stalled for too long, and only partially did the right thing tonight. I wonder how long Mapes will be able to hang on at CBS? I am very curious for more information on the vetting process and how much of it was politically motivated. Word is she was a fairly active liberal in the northwest. Let us see..