Charleston, night 1

The retreat is off to a great start (got here with my bags and no glitches, I’m lucky) – I have seen some old friends and already made some new ones. Went out to drinks tonight with some old ones.

Dinner tonight, while the food was mediocre, was (of course) with amazing company. The thing that makes writing about this event a little clumsy is that there are some rules about it that I have to respect for a few reasons (not the least of which is that these rules are what make it so special). So, I’m honestly not trying to be coy or mysterious, I just need to be a little vague and I’ll try to communicate the fun and the substance while respecting those rules.

Tonight I had wanted to have dinner with an old software hero of mine who’s here but I’ve never met – and it didn’t work out. (Very small tables, which makes for great mealtime conversations…) I “ended up” at a table with one of the best known people in television journalism – a person whose name is synonymous with war coverage – and it was a huge treat to sit and converse about the World with him.

There was also a neurobiologist at the table and we talked about the “difference” (if any) between mind and matter, the observed and the observer, and that made up for the fact that dessert wasn’t very good.

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking (early) about the Internet, entrepreneurship, and the digital economy. I also host a table at lunch where I plan to talk a little about finding joy in life, then later am speaking about blogging and what it means to the media and to “truth”. The hardest part will be getting out of bed at 6:30 or so and making sense all day. Pray for me.

P.S. – Something you see down here that you don’t see up home – hot chicks in trucks.

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