Chronicle of Higher Ed Drug Discussion

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education

Colloquy Live 02/04. A section of the Q&A I liked – Rick is continuing to bring common sense to the dialogue on these chemicals.

Hank Baca, retired US Army Officer:

Since about 1000 people a year die from Aspirin Use and approx 25 died from X use last year, are we focused on the wrong drug?

Rick Doblin:

To be fair, way more people used aspirin than MDMA. We shouldn’t turn our Drug War guns on aspirin but should work to reduce the harms of both aspirin and MDMA though public health and harm reduction measures, not primarily through the criminal justice system. In other areas of life, we accept significant levels of risk. About 5 times as many people went to the emergency room last year from cheerleading than MDMA. About 35 people die on average per year from skiing and about the same number from scuba diving, yet these activities are considered to offer some benefits and are not criminalized.

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