CNN: Sheehan Arrested at Capitol

It’s the cartoonish antics of anti-war activists that undermine the legitimate arguments against American imperialism, especially in the Middle East. I think it was Dan Dannett who said, “there’s nothing I dislike more than a bad argument for a point of view I hold dear.”

Sheehan could have taken a much more dignified approach and sent a much stronger message by just sitting in the well of the House throughout the speech, quietly. Instead, she has apparently pulled an idiotic shenanigan and will miss the speech.

3 thoughts on “CNN: Sheehan Arrested at Capitol”

  1. Wearing a shirt is an idiotic shenanigan? I agree that there is a line of decorum to be adhered to in the hall, but a wee bit of an over-reaction I think.

  2. well when i wrote that i had limited information. Doesn’t seem like it was an idiotic shenanigan. And, the capitol police have apologized for overstepping their bounds here.. however, my core point remains – that she made a dumb choice.. she would have been much more effective just sitting there and soaking up the reaction shots from the cameras as the President spoke.

  3. I tend to agree with you that she would have been a more effective presence sitting there stone faced.

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