Cold Dam

It was cold and rainy and windy here as the sun set in Amsterdam this All Hallows’ Eve. Spent most of the evening inside the hotel as the cold rain tink-tanked against the glass. Sorry, she said, my personality has a very icy side. Are you going to leave me?

More museum runs and much more wandering today. Walked all the way down to the south side of the city and through the Jordaan neighborhood again; saw Anne Frank’s House; Amsterdams Historisch Museum; De Nieuwe Kirk; De Oude Kerk; Rembrandthuis; revisited the Royal Palace and surroundings… explored a few neat outdoor markets…. I may stay here a bit longer .. am intrigued by the impending “Museum Night” (and I am just really digging this city) .. or may head to Copenhagen or Milan or Vienna. Decision point tomorrow night.

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