Cow Ass Fragments Found In Diner Sandwich

LEXINGTON, KY (AP) – A woman got more than she bargained for yesterday when she discovered fragments of a cow’s ass in her roast beef sandwich at a truck stop near Lexington.

The incident occurred Saturday night at the “Long’s Diner and Truck Stop” off Interstate 64 when Thelma Rodick, 53, of Bowling Green stopped for gas and decided to have a quick dinner.

“I was on my second bite when I bit into something kind of chewy. I pulled a small reddish chunk out of the sandwich and quickly realized it was a piece of cow ass. Very shaken, I nearly vomited and immediately brought it to the staff’s attention.”

John Wilson, the diner’s manager, said, “we take great pride in serving only the freshest and finest food to our customers. We’ve apologized to Thelma for her negative experience and hope we have the chance to serve her again – perhaps a salad or something.”

Officials from the Kentucky Health Department have said they are investigating, but offered no further comment.

“She was so upset when she found out what it was,” said another patron. “She was really freaked out and yelling that she’d found something gross in her sandwich.”

The diner remains open for business.

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