Discussing Jury Nullification

You’ll remember my post about jury nullification in the drug war. The TIME article sparked some fascinating conversation among some lawyers, prosecutors and others over at Mark Bennett’s blog.

One quote from “PJ” that I liked,

“Deceiving the State or breaking its laws is not universally wrong (think: Underground Railroad). One has to look through the act of civil disobedience to judge its merit. Obviously, opinions can differ. A person who supports the war on drugs may see such acts as immoral. But a person who sees the war on drugs–including its draconian sentencing mandates and its radically racially uneven enforcement–as itself immoral will obviously come to a different conclusion about the morality of jury nullification, even if it requires deception or law-breaking to achieve.”

I’ve said this many times – we so often confuse wrong with illegal, especially when it comes to drug laws. What is illegal is not always wrong. Anyway, it’s worth rolling through the discussion there, for sure.

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