fama 3rd annual

Well … fama PR had our third annual Holiday Bash last night. By my count we had 26 people. It was really great – we had it at Smith & Wollensky. I was very impressed by the food and the private room we had. Overall, an A+. It helped that we have the best people anywhere – so to have great food and great company are the makings of a great night. Some of us went over to Whiskey Park afterward, and that was its typically overstuffed scene with plenty of pushing and spilling and lots of 32 year olds pretending to be 19. But, I digress.

A few photos of the party are here and for the truly curious there are some pictures of our office gift swap over at Ed’s site. The staff bought us an amazing gift – a bubble hockey game! I got a few shots of some of us playing … very very cool kids, all.

Finally, I grabbed a few pictures of last night’s sunset, which was quite breathtaking. My primary complaint is all the stuff in the way like cars, telephone poles, wires, buildings, etc. Oh well, it still looked great.

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