Fashion Photography Workshop

I am very, very psyched to be off to New York City tomorrow afternoon for a two-day fashion photography workshop directed by ultra-talented photographers Richard Warren and Chung Lee. It’s a small group of us amateurs learning from them for two days. It’ll be partial learning-by-watching but a large part of it is active – i.e. we will also be shooting. Sixteen models, a group of talented makeup artists, and gorgeous studio space (the 6500-square foot Proda Studios) will make for some fun. I’m hoping to learn a lot, get some nice work added to my portfolio, and return home a better photographer. I’m having lots of fun with this photography thing, but hell, as hobbies for thirtysomethings go, it’s relatively cheap…

Obviously I’ll share some images upon my return…. stay tuned.

[Update: it was awesome – here’s my attempt at being a fashion photographer.]

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