Flu shot

Like the wonderful sport she is, Deanna let me shoot her in the funky red loveseat this weekend. I was going to whisk her off to NYC just for the heck of it, but I feel like absolute shit. Honest to goodness flu, I think. Friday night was the worst night of sleep I’ve had in years. Clickie: http://tinyurl.com/bcagn

Also, thanks to Chris at the Apple Store @ the Cambridgeside Galleria, my new Powerbook was located. For as-yet-unknown reasons, UPS delivered it to CVS at the Galleria mall about 1/2 mile from my office (where it was actually shipped to. CVS denied having it for a full day. Only Chris seemed to be able to get it out of them. Anyway, I’ll post more about the Powerbook later – my quick analysis is that it is an elegant, beautiful device with a great OS. The machine seems a bit shy on horsepower, however, which I am (for now) blaming on drive speed.

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