Freedom Fighters and the US Space Program

I learned something new today. As one fascinated with the politics of the Middle East and with the US space program, you’d think that among the useless trivia in my head might be the little tidbit that President Reagan dedicated a shuttle launch to the Afghan Mujahideen. There’s more weirdness and irony where that came from … check it.

“We must go beyond public condemnation of the Soviet puppet regime in Kabul…”

Oh, who’d have thunk it? Oh, I know who.

Five years after 9-11, Americans seem to have learned nothing – although I guess we’ve learned to suck up the politics of fear that now permeates our so-called system of governance. And, as I allude to above, we now face many heads of a beast we helped create.

(h/t, Chris, for sending me down this rathole.)

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