Fun Search Engine Phrases

Every so often when I peek at my Google Analytics reports, I am amazed at what brings people here. Most of the higher-traffic phrases make sense and are pretty obvious. I’ll spare you those. But, people are extremely weird birds, and the things they tell Google are even weirder.

All of these phrases have brought people to this site over the past few weeks.

As I said, some of them make immediate sense – such as “males attracted to young nubile females”. (Damn, how did Google know that?) But, what about:

how do you say sir in korean
make your penis strong
gay men in baseball uniform
she was born through father steve
do anorexics drink beer*
50 ways to masturbate for men
glossy angles divinity
leif garrett’s cock
myrtle beach bi curious
an american haunting vomit
great songs to tap to
rotten muffin
pheasant rolling around in the dirt
austin powers helicopter knapsack
“mother may i” sex game
top ten whores in the world

[* – no, dude, they don’t.]

So … what brings ya to these parts, kid? What I find interesting is not just that people ask Google these things, but that Google sends them here in response.

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