Get out the vote!

Anthony: did you know that the “iraqi security forces” wear ski masks so no one knows they work “with the westerners”?
Anthony: there’s a recipe that’s working, eh?
Geech: seems to be!
Anthony: did you know there are no names on the ballots so as to prevent assassinations?
Anthony: did you know the polling places are still secret?
Anthony: jesus god
Anthony: i just cant believe how fucking dumb we are
Geech: yeah, that is some priceless shit
Geech: and it is so cool how Bush is so adamant that that everyone there go out to vote
Geech: as if it won’t be a fucking turkey shoot
Geech: Dear Mr. President, that is the ONE day when it makes the most sense to hide under your fucking bed if you live in Iraq
Anthony: indeed
Anthony: who will vote? the suicide bombers will, i bet
Geech: actions speak louder than ballots
Anthony: oh and civilians have to stop 100 feet from US checkpoints, then there is a hand signal when they can proceed
Anthony: nice way to connect with the people – ya know, winning hearts and minds and such
Geech: but remember, this is NOT an occupation
Geech: they MUST have liberty!
Geech: even if it kills them

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