Guilt and Burning Man

8 02 2005

Well, I had to re-install Windows XP on both of my computers – a full re-build for both systems. Everything was, of course, backed up – and it was one of those “optional” deals – one thing finally pushed me over the edge on one of my computers so I just rebuilt both of them with a handful of new parts (retiring or handing down a few others).

A couple cheap updates:

– I bought my Burning Man ticket; any of you going? Let me know. Need a camp or something;

– Submitted photos for publication – just for fun (see the now fashion and LA centric photography portfolio);

– Continue to be amazed by Photoshop CS and my D70

– Am considering redecorating & rearranging my apartment again, or maybe even moving into a new one

– Traveled to Baltimore and Harrisburg last weekend; was hosted by a lovely and charming hostess. Last time I was in Baltimore’s BWI was 9/11/01 at about 8am. Long story. Harrisburg is a Capitol I’d never seen before, and I was surprised and impressed. Snapped a couple photos – will upload them later this week.


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