Guns Kids Dogs and .. No “Dope”

Stop Pointing Guns at our Kids. Great commentary on the Goose Creek raid by Dr. Marsha Rosenbaum. The Goose Creek incident is yet another demonstration of our overzealous and misguided war on drugs. Even their fellow law enforcement officers are speaking out to say this was stupid.

My friend John Perry Barlow once wrote in a wonderful essay about LSD:

“This is no right wing plot from the top. Like most totalitarian impulses, it has arisen among the people themselves. Terrified of virtual bogeymen we know only from the Evening News, we have asked the government for shorter chains and smaller cages. And, market driven as ever, it has been obliging us.

This is what is now taking place in our conduct of The War On Some Drugs. In this futile Jihad, Americans have largely suspended habeas corpus, have allowed government to permanently confiscate our goods without indictment or trial, have flat discarded the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, and are voluntarily crippling the First, at least insofar as any expression might relate to drugs.

In my gloomier moments, I wonder if the elimination of freedom in America is not what the War On Some Drugs was actually designed to accomplish.”

Give the whole thing a few minutes of your time.

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