Herb Chambers complaint, commentary & update

A lot of you have IM’d me, e-mailed me, and a few brave souls have left comments here about issues you’ve had with Herb Chambers. For those of you who don’t know the history, I’d gone through a series of issues with Herb Chambers a while back with my Infiniti. After getting a very unacceptable con job from their service department, I was subsequently ignored, passed around, bullshat, blown off, lied to, then ultimately made fun of by the staff there.

In Herb Chambers’ response to my letter (authored by their executive Jeff Wilson), they smugly denied any responsibility and referred to the fact that I’d blogged it for “lack of something better to do.” Jeff even enclosed a convenient printout from my site, with the relevant text circled. I appreciated this not only because of its usefulness as a tool for following along, but also because until he did that, I’d never seen one of my own blog entries printed out before.

But I’m sure Jeff meant it all in a nice way – after all, he didn’t know about the DigAtari 2600, and probably thinks Google Cred is some kind of pizza. Nor is he aware of the fact that I sometimes eat hash brownies and hide in a cold dark basement and write in my blog over stolen WiFi. (The fact that no one reads it makes me feel much safer saying so.)

The thing is, I thought I was all alone in here, all by my creepy pathetic blogging self, then suddenly I’m dealing with gobs of inbound traffic via search terms like Herb Chambers Infiniti and finding myself in the top results for almost any relevant term one might use when researching their BBB-decal-displaying organization.  All because I had time between my Warcraft tourney and masturbating to Lord of the Rings videos to jot a note in my cute little diary.

I had planned to take legal action against Herb Chambers Auto Group if they didn’t offer to make things right. I really didn’t care about the money. It was about the way I was handled and treated, and the poor quality of service. But with no time or energy to pursue anything more formally (much too busy surfing for ceramic cats on ebay), I had let the matter sit on the shelf since March.

And over that time, I have noticed a constant hum of feedback from people who’ve found themselves in various pinches with the Herb Chambers group, with issues ranging from sales tactics to warranty service.

And having just, late last week, received word from yet another person who read my blog and actually decided to take their Saab purchase elsewhere, I realized that my blog is having a much greater impact than any legal action would.

The latest customer relayed to me that when he called the salesperson to call the deal off, the sales guy said, “are you going to believe some guy on the Internet, or are you going to believe me?”



[If you have any Herb Chambers complaints, please share so that others might learn from your pain.]

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  1. HCEmployee (12:09:31) : 5/4/13

    Wow. You are in the customer service industry and you have the balls to post here that the world does not revolve around the customer and their car? Umm, yes it DOES! It is YOUR job to make that customer feel like they are your ONLY customer. If you don’t provide that level of service then you have FAILED! You are “not our servants”? I beg your pardon but you absolutely are! When a customer buys a vehicle from your facility or brings one in for service they have just contributed to your paycheck. They have just ensured that you have a job! Guess what your job is? TO SERVE THE CUSTOMERS, i.e.: Customer Service. You are a PERECT example of what is wrong with Herb chambers. Be thankful you remained anonymous.

    Regarding the financing comment:
    Are you kidding me? Your finance and insurance managers add points to the % rates ( say bank approves 3.5%, F&I guy will add a point and list 4.5% on your contract, he has just sold you on this and it’s another profit.) and they get the extra money after the loan has been paid for a certain period of time. So don’t even start about the bank controlling everything about the cost/car payment. You lie to customers and blame the bank for the rate so you can pocket even more.

    You’re comment is an embarrassment but a great reflection of the Herb Chambers attitude. Thank you for confirming so much of what is posted here.

  2. As a former HC employee who was hired after being a returning customer over 10 years, I must say, that I have seen shady sales deals made on used car purchases and work not being done on the vehicles which I sold and was promised at the time of purchase. I have also seen incompetence in the business managers jobs with getting cars registered on time.

    I personally suffered from a shady car trade and sale where they sold me the wrong car, financed me the wrong car and gave me the wrong payment numbers and then they asked me to return the car I supposedly purchased for the right one a week later. I also personally experienced the backlash of incompetent business managers not doing their job. My daughter and I suffered from emotional distress from being pulled over, having our cars towed and then given a ticket and court date, thus costing me hundreds of dollars in fines, lost wages, tow fees, and personal time running around to settle all these legal issues and to get my cars registered.

    And as an employee I was forced to handle what I thought was some pretty shady deals against my wishes. The truth is, HC dealerships are each individually managed by the GM they hire and the employees those GM hire, “the apple does not fall far from the tree”.

    The core training program at HC is none other than phenomenal. I believe in what the core training program of Herb Chambers believes, “treat the customer as you would want to be treated, never lie”. The truth you can easily remember, the lie is something you always forget.

    Its sad that there a few bad apples employed in the 53 franchise company, and I can honestly say Herb Chambers himself would never agree to the this kind of treatment with his customers. If it is at all possible, write directly to him. Who knows he may use your letter as an example of what not to do at the next breakfast meeting.

  3. Herb chambers of Warwick sells lemons. You do not stand behind your words. Call your customers for feedback. That might help to see your employees are ruining your business. Or maybe you just don’t care.

  4. Warwick herb chambers scams people. Not fair we work hard for our money. Keep your lemon. You should start selling lemonade… No more Mario please…..

  5. I would like to say that the billboard on rte 1 south is very inappropriate.
    Why would you put a sign like that for children to see?
    please tell me who thought of this ad? Really it is awful…..

  6. herb Chamber Cadillac warwick, The worst dealer to ever have to work with. Very carless and unresponsive. Even lost my car once when in for service. I would never buy a car from and Herb Chamber. Everyone should think twice before going there

  7. Its sad to hear “professionals” of an agency speak so disrespectfully to paying customers that have voiced (unheard) concerns. I have purchased 2 vehicles from Herb Chambers Mercedes one in Natick and the other in Lynnfield. Have to say Ken J in Lynnfield was a pro. Their service dept. is a different story and the reason I will NEVER do business with and will speak ill of that organization for the rest of my days. Not going into details but they broke something that wasn’t broken when I brought it in there and due to the cost to replace it, wouldn’t. So Herb, if you read this and choose to respond coach Al (heavy set man, middle aged) on polish. And the young man that looks like he has a constant piece of mucas hanging in his nasal canal needs a lesson on business ethics-he’s a liar plain and simple. In closing, I have spent a substantial amount of money over the years with you but it really shouldn’t matter if it was a single dollar as I earned that dollar and gave it to you! And although you are an honest man, I’ve met you a couple of times-you choose to employ unethical associates.

    a Consumer that was happy at one point

  8. Dear Herb
    I just had the most disturbing and unprofessional phone conversation with your service manager of FLAGSHIP MERCEDES BENZ OF LYNNFIELD ! I had taken my M.B. (That I Baby & Respect ) to be serviced and when getting my M.B back there was a large DENT & PAINT CHIPPED on my the passenger door. So went back the next day spoke to Steven B. the service rep that took care of me and he seem to be very accommodating and said don’t worry we will take care of it. So the winter passed and I took my M.B to my body shop and I had them write up an estimate and submitted to the service manager,I waited and a couple of days gone by no response so I called to go over the estimate….Well this person (Michael) was so disturbed with estimate and started going off on me started to rant on how I was trying to Hustle him and the amount was crazy and he wasn’t going to pay that amount its crazy and so on. I got him to stop ranting and asked if he call the body shop which he was asked to do his response was no ! (The body shop that I use dose body work for them) and proceeded to go on ranting. He was so pissed that I wanted it repaired somewhere else and not use them. I told him that the same thing happened to a friends M.B. V12 SL and when got his car back you clearly see where the repair was done and there over spray on the window and moldings now he’s fighting with them to correct it . So I explained that’s why I wanted it done where it will be done the correctly the first time Michael still was ranting on and on it was then I realized what SCUM BAGS they are and they should not be allowed to touch or sell the Mercedes Benz or any other cars. They’re just a bad place to do any kind business. Herb U Should know what your staff is doing to your business! I hope that u read this I also own a business and I would want some one telling me about what’s going on in one off my dealership. I will never, ever, no way, bring even my son’s scooter to be repaired by flagship u gravy sucking pigs…. Oh u Should take down every billboard because. U do screw people, u do steam roll them , and u do strong arm them, Its so sad because Herb you such a great reputation for customer service when you owned A-Copy if you can pass that to your management. With this kind of service you may not be in business much longer. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL ME! I TRIED TO CALL YOU. JUST CALL MICHAEL HE KNOWS ME!

    A Sad And Unhappy Person ( I’m no longer a Customer

  9. I unfortunately had a bad experience with Herb Chambers Boston Infiniti as well. Twice was told they could make a deal with me. I was very clear on my terms and what I was willing to pay and not pay. They got me in their dealership, wasted hours of my time and then try to screw me in the end. Like many others I was promised the deal of a life time and then they would try and get it out of me on my trade or financing. I was already pre-approved at 1.99% and because they couldn’t match that rate they argued with me over 461.72 and passed on a 40k deal over 461.72. I have attempted to contact them numerous times and no one has called me back.

  10. I just purchased a 2010 subaru from Herb’s swanky BMW dealership in Subdury. How swanky? The sales guy let me know it was ok to wait in their “posh” lounge. It was ok. Free ice cream sandwiches and coffee made it better.

    Anyway, I bought the car last week. While I was thinking about it, they told me (via email) that there had been “a lot of interest in the car.” Which I knew was BS. I went there to check it out. The car was blocked in way in the back. The battery was also dead, had to be jumped. The break light and VDC lights were on. Obviously this car had not been of interest to anyone in quite awhile. They told me the car would be all set, new battery and they would figure out the codes causing the break and VDC lights to blink furiously.

    I took care of a lot of paperwork by scanning a bunch of crap and emailing it to them to speed up the purchase while I was there.Guess what? I was there for almost 5 hours the day I purchased it. I was told they were detailing the car for awhile. Then they finally told me they were having trouble clearing the codes, and it must have been the new battery or from when it was jumped. Oh yeah, it was also new years eve and I live an hour away. Four o’clock came and I told them I had to leave, but my ride had left because I had been assured I would be driving my new (to me) car home that day.

    They sent me home in a loaner BMW. I was pissed. I didn’t want to have to walk around the car with a service lady and talk about the dings etc that were on the car prior to me driving it. I wasn’t at an enterprise rental getting a fiesta for a crazy road trip to the big E or anything. I wanted to drive home the car I had purchased.

    The sales guy and service lady have given me zero updates on my car. I had to go to the sales manager to know anything. If you noticed the tense change in the first sentence of this paragraph, it’s because I STILL DON’T HAVE MY CAR. The place is a joke and sloppy. I knew I was small potatoes to them, buying a used subaru and not an $80000 beemer, but this is friggin crazy.

  11. – Feb 2015 Guys, so they have not improved.
    – Lost paperwork and did not know what to do when my partner went to get the car.
    – Did not know where car was.
    – Lost the set of keys that were left in the car (included my house keys).
    – Car was ‘Gone Through’ – (robbbed) quarters, CDs, other stuff stolen.
    – No one cared at all about any of it.
    – They found the keys and the dumb butt that delivered them to my house parked where he could not be seen, then waved me to come cross the street to go get the keys rather than walk them up the steps to me, while he was on his phone.
    – I’m in the market for a car right now. It wont be from Herb.

  12. So my experience at Herb Chambers of Millbury was one of the worst experience I’ve ever had purchasing a vehicle. I found the vehicle of my dreams for the price I wanted. I’m a New Hampshire resident purchasing a vehicle in Mass, which was a hassle in its own, not to mention the 2 hour drive. On Saturday my co-signer and I drove up the Millbury to sign paperwork and leave with my new Jeep. When I got there, I was informed that I could only sign paperwork and have the vehicle shipped to me on Monday because I had no insurance or registration for the Jeep yet. I didn’t want to wait, and I also didn’t want to be bothered at work on Monday. So they made me drive all the way back to NH and get 20-day plates, and pay my first month insurance, then drive all the way back with my co-signer to pick it up. Before signing any paperwork I told them I wouldn’t be able to get the registration done until Wednesday because that was my day off. They told me that was fine. Saturday morning I noticed a paint chip on the hood and a crack in the windshield that wouldn’t pass inspection. I called them and spoke with a woman named Melonie who told me my saleman would call me ASAP and make an appointment to have the windshield replaced, and have the paint chipped professionally redone. Tuesday comes around, and I havent heard anything back from them regarding the windshield. I’m at work all day long. My co-signer calls me and says I need to call the dealership immediately. I go on break and call them, and they told me I needed to change my address to my co-signers address immediately to receive a lower interest rate, and also need to give them proof of registration. I’m being bothered at work, when I told them specifically not to bother me. I told them I wouldn’t be able to get the registration till tomorrow. Wednesday comes around, and I’m at the town hall trying to register my Jeep. They won’t let me because they said I tried registering it in a different town. I call the dealership and they tried registering my jeep for me in the town that I WORK in, not the town I LIVE in. So, that prevented me from registering my vehicle. They said they would register it for me on Friday, which is fine because its my day off. I said to them “don’t come on Thursday because I’m working all day.” They said they wouldn’t. Today is Thursday and I was just interrupted by a phone call from the town hall saying someone is trying to register my vehicle and I need to come down immediately to sign paperwork. Then get a call from the man who is at that townhall, saying he needs me to leave work for 30 minutes to come down because he “wasn’t going to make another trip” when i specifically told them NOT to come today because I was working and didn’t want to be pulled out of work and that is exactly what they did!!!!!! After registering my Jeep, the guy from the dealership gives me a piece of candy and says “here, maybe this will make you a little bit sweeter.” I WILL NEVER go to Herb Chambers again.

  13. We purchased a new CRV at this dealership, and were unhappy with the entire experience. Where do we start, well the sales person was immature and awkward to work with. He messed up our paperwork and skipped having the car prepped, Totally messed up translating the details having us drive around for weeks with a wrong license plates attached to an inactive registration. Need I say more? Okay about service I brought my Honda Civic in for a 90.000 mile checkup had the timing belt and water pump replaced. Keep in mind this was preventive care, the car was kept up and working fine at the time. It should have been about $700 they called me back with over $3400 in proposed repairs to the computer, exhaust manifold, Catalytic converter after questioning them the amount changed several times, until it got down to around $1300. I reluctantly agreed to the extra work. Amazingly they completed the work within a few hours and left a message the car was ready. While driving the car home the inside was filling with fumes from the engine. They had forgotten to tighten down all of the exhaust bolts to the engine. I could have been killed on my route home while driving on the highway. Okay to boot when I brought back the car to be fixed they said they would give me a free car wash, as I pointed out they missed dirt spots and left soap film, must have angered the worker. Later found a dent by the worker with the soap brush, that I never checked the second time. Worst yet I was never satisfied any of the extra work was actually necessary or found any evidence it was done. To be clear I didn’t see any new parts that they said were replaced. Need more? We brought the CRV back with a noise from rear end gears at 12000 miles. Car was still under one year warranty. So they tried to talk us into an early inspection so they could charge us for a covered warranty rear-end gear oil change $138.00 instead of a no charge. Yep they pretend to be something they are not.

  14. Why is it every time I go to get my car fixed at Herb Chambers it is $3500.00. Will never do business with them again. My family had4 BMW’s from there and 3 have already left for another dealership. I will do the same in May. PATHETIC.

  15. So I had went to herb chambers Toyota of auburn after my coworker told me has bought 5 cars there with no problems. Wish I was that lucky. So I walk in and decide I liked an Acura decided to go for it. The car was priced @ 26k which is 2k more then kbb listed as a fair price. Anyway I ended up getting a decent amount for my trade in so I reluctantly looked past that ( also they took 1,000 off the sticker price as well). So they tell me in approved no problem and I leave and come back the next day and drop off my 1099 as proof of employment so the bank can verify my income. The next day I wake up with an email from credit Karma telling me I’ve had 15 hard checks into my credit in one day. It’s now been 10 days I still have yet to hear back from them. I have called them 4x the finance manager just tells me every time that the bank is just gotta call my employed to verify and he will call them today and call me back, which he never does. He also does not return phone calls. So I walked in there with a credit score of 641 which they promptly dropped to 627 After 15 inquiries in one day. And “the bank” still had yet to even call my employer to verify my income (35,600$ 1099 for 6 months of work) and they won’t give me any answer except you are approved we just need the bank to verify. We will call them and call you back which they never do. So I have a friend who worked there years ago and he called Dan the GM personally and told him that was up and he called back 10 minutes later and said tell your friend he’s all set and he will have his car by Friday the head finance guy is gonna call him tonite. So then I get a call an hour later and it’s the sales person I first worked with and he tells me the damn I’ll call the bank tomorrow story, so I guess I’m not all set? Anyway I screamed at him (I feel bad for it, it wasn’t even anything to do with him) and told him if I’m not all set why do they keep telling me I am stop lying to me (in not so nice terms) and if they don’t have me in the car by Friday they can rip up the contract I signed 10 days ago. So now it’s 24 hours later tomorrow being the deadline and they still have no called me back. I’m going somewhere else Friday morning when I don’t have to work. Wish I did last Friday and didn’t wait this long it’s stressed me out so much.

  16. I have taken my Infiniti to Herb Chamber Infiniti in Westboro for some time now. Few months ago I noticed a leak in the rear differential. Car still under warranty with 44k. They had the car few hours and called and said all set. Took the car home and looked under the car at the rear differential and what do you know, still leaking. Called and said this is not right and it has not been fixed. Took it back and they had the car 2 weeks. During those 2 weeks I got one call saying parts are on order. After 2 weeks the car was ready and I picked it up. Drove the car couple of weeks before I started seeing lots of new oil spots on my driveway. Looked at the differential and its leaking. I wiped it down, took pictures and drove few miles and came home and it was leaking a decent amount. Called and complained to the dealer that this is the 3rd time and it is unacceptable at the very least and they cannot fix or know how. Dropped the car off AGAIN. It has been a week without a call from them. I call and leave voicemails with the service manager and no one returns any of my calls. I have called and filed a complaint with Infiniti consumer affairs and they also are stating they are not getting through to anyone there. This is the worst service, no updates, no return calls and the car is at the dealer more than I am driving it. I am making payments on a car that is in their possession. Starting to think Herb Chambers has horrible service with personnel in service that do no know how to fix their own cars nor the knowledge of how to deal with frustrated customers.

  17. I wanted to purchase a certified preowned vehicle from Herb Chambers Boston. Things went smoothly at the beginning. They knew which vehicle I was coming in for and let me test drive it. I started to think to myself, “This place is not as bad as the comments claim it to be.”

    Then I saw there were some minor scratches on the side and back of the car. I politely asked them if they could touch paint those spots if I did decide to buy. They responded, “This is a used vehicle. Do you want to see a new car?” Their tone made me feel very uncomfortable. It sounded like, “You pathetic poor people are buying used vehicles, so screw the scratches.” I’m buying certified, and I expected something that has been carefully inspected and taken care of. I don’t mind them saying “no”, but please treat your customers with respect.

    Herb Chambers use something called Smart Pricing, which means they won’t negotiate the price at all since they believe they price their vehicles very fairly based on market data. However, their vehicles are priced around $1k higher than other dealers in the area. They said they could give discounts on accessories, but I don’t need any accessories!

    Lastly, when they followed up with me over the phone, I truthfully told them I really liked the car, but the price was high compared to the one another dealer offered, so I had already purchased a vehicle from another dealer already. Then they abruptly hung up on me in the middle of the call. How rude! I regret thanking them for showing me the vehicle!

    Not only will I never buy a car from them, I would suggest anyone who needs a car to stay away from them as well.

  18. I spent a week negotiating via email. The sales associate and I had an agreed sales price and trade-in value (essentially the lowest KBB trade-in value, which I was fine with). The sales price was the ticket price at the lowest local dealer ($19,998) – and they have a price match policy.

    When I came in for my “appointment,” I was seated with a sales agent I had never talked to. He ran my VIN for trade-in value and offered $2,000 less than what we had agreed on via email. When I said I had already worked out pricing via email, he told me they have a “$2000 safety inspection fee.” Really? Come on, I may look young – but I surely don’t look stupid.

    Then he said, and I shet you not, “Ok. Ok. I give you $8,000 for your car, you give me $22,000 for my car.” WOW. We’ve completely digressed from price-matching and are attempting foolish number games? Come on buddy, I have probably taken more college math courses than you have college courses.

    I emailed the online sales agent asking why, after confirming we were on the same page, the sales associate and I were speaking different languages. She said, and I shet you not, “There was an issue with the carfax report, that’s why we can’t give you the trade-in price.” I requested a copy of the carfax TWICE (I knew it was clean). Finally, I was passed along to another sales agent who confirmed the carfax is indeed clean. OK – back to square 1.

    I have already got a quote from Boch, and I am willing to accept it. I am giving HB the opportunity to price match the same offer/trade-in value. They are 25 miles closer, they would save me some time traveling. Yet, they still refuse to honor their price match policy and are willing to blatantly lie over-and-over again to try and screw you. I’m not being unreasonable, I am asking that they honor their policy. We’re talking about a sale they are going to profit $4,000-$6,000 at the end of it, and I am fine with that. But you’re going to try and screw me for an extra $1,000-$2,000? Yeah, I draw the line there.

  19. I bought a Honda pilot 2014 18 month ago my suv can with a problem on the tailgate a call the dealer on herb chamber on commonwealth av on boston the manager for service she doesn’t help and the general manager talk to me like I will take care but he doesn’t do nothing for me and I bought that suv for them I didn’t like the way they talk and take care me so I end trade the Honda for Toyota I want make sure people doesn’t buy a vehicle for herb chamber

  20. I have a 2013 Camry XLE 4 with only 28,175 miles on it and I’ve been told I will need NEW tires in a few months………Don’t you think my tires should have lasted longer??????My driving is mostly highway and I go to the Auburn Toyota for all my maintenance. I do take care of my car. Very disappointed with no one answering my question of WHY they are wearing so soon. Stopped in at the Auburn Toyota yesterday and no one could answer me. They told me to call on Monday to talk to another person who can MAYBE answer me.

  21. I have a 2013 Camry XLE 4 c. with only 28,175 miles on it and I’ve been told I will need NEW TIRES in a few months…… Don’t you think my tires should have last longer???????????? Not happy……My husband does take care of the tires and makes sure there is enough air in them. My driving is mostly highway and all my maintenance is done at the Auburn Toyota . Checked with them yesterday and no one could answer me. They told me to call and talk to another person. Can you help???????????? Thank you

  22. Dear Mr .Chambers,
    Last week I sent a complaint about tires on my 2013 Camry car. Went to Auburn Toyota today and spoke to a very helpful gentleman named Jeff.He listened to my problem and is willing to help .My tires rate three 5’s and one 6. I will be needing new tires in a few months and he is will to work with me which I am please about. I’m looking for tire prices at other dealers and Jeff says he will see what he can do for me.
    Looking forward to working with Jeff in the coming months.
    Jeff is an asset to the company.He give 150% everyday.
    Thank you for returning my e-mail.

  23. Reading these stories and some of the responses has made me furious, I wish you could link all of them to a site like Google Review. I’m stunned by how harsh and unprofessional some of the so called employees have been or how others have said that it can only be a few bad apples in the whole bunch. I went through two Herb Chambers dealerships in Boston to buy my car. I paid up front for a high end used car (a unicorn that I couldn’t find anywhere else) at one dealership that upon delivery they did not service the car or do any of the expected maintenance. The oil was so low I actually couldn’t drive it. After weeks of them fiddling with it I was then transferred over to an HC foreign car dealership across the street that I thought would be the solution. Not only did it take them weeks to solve simple issues, they damaged my car on four separate occasions and some of the damage was so severe that it required respraying. I bought the car in mid summer and am only just getting it back. I was nice and polite and the service staff was as well but it became clear that the people doing the actual work were downright awful at their jobs. For the amount of money I wrote the check for I was absolutely stunned and as much as they did to fix it, there was no excuse for what happened. It should not take months for a customer to get the level of service that would be given to them on day one at many other places. Take your business to Wagner or any of the other great places around here it’s not worth how much pain you’ll be put in going through these dealerships.

  24. This is from my BBB complaint. Herb Chambers has still not responded….

    I was told that I would have “No early termination fees” if I turned in my lease early, if “I buy now.” I have $1300 in FEES that I now owe!

    I had a bad experience with Herb Chambers (HC), on my last lease and the only reason I went to a HC dealership again, is the trade in, loyalty incentives I was TOLD I would get. I loved my car and didn’t “need” to turn it in early. I shared what the Hyundai HC dealership was offering and they stated they had the “same offerings, if I stayed with HC,” I handed them a printed list of requirements, the top of which was “complete buy out” and NOT to have any early termination fees.
    I was told by Kevin Reid on 6/18/15 that “it is in fact an even turn in.” He insisted that I do it now, as he found a deal which also includes $1000 towards early lease turn in payments. But if I waited, “you will really miss out on these deals.” I stated again, that I would wait until lease is up, and he stated “It’s the same price if you do it now because of the June HC deals and loyalty bonuses.” I decided to move forward. I signed the contract on 6/19/15 to pick up the car on 6/22/15.

    On 6/22/15, I got a call from Tom Sanderson to tell me that “Oops, we made a mistake….you really have to pay $100+ more a month than your signed contract.” I told them that they had to honor it. As a result, they created a new contract. I came in on 6/23/15, signed the SECOND contract and picked up my car.

    Two weeks and 1200 miles later, on 7/8/15, I get an email from Mike Nicoletti telling me that there is another problem and I need to come back and sign a THIRD contract stating that you’ll have 20k miles/yr. And for my hassle, when I came in, he would have a check ready for $448.31 to pay my first payment.” I was upset as my overage would cost $.25/mi or $750, I was losing 3k on the 36 month contract.

    I was told by GM Doug, that because of my loss, they would send in one payment with the contract and cut a check for me for the other payment. When I signed my THIRD contract, I was told that they needed another day to get a second signature from HC in Westboro. Patrick told me they’ll send in the first payment, then overnight me the second check, which was a BLATANT lie. NO check arrived the next day. I spoke to Patrick who went to go look for the tracking number and was told “I can’t find it, but don’t worry, UPS delivers until 7pm”. Another BLATANT lie by Patrick, as a check, I later learned was NEVER cut and NEVER sent.
    I then receive a bill from my Hyundai trade in, and after some payments by HC and a tax difference which I paid, the amount due was $1300. Doug refused to assist or explain this to me. Meanwhile, I had sent TEN requests for a call from corporate through their website with NOT ONE response.

    I finally got corporate, Nicole Martin, who speaks to Mike N. (who lies to her) that he told me I’d get it when all the paperwork went through. This was NEVER told me. They have been unethical, lying to me several times to get me to sign a contract with them….3 TIMES! The contract DID finally go through, but they REFUSE to pay the remaining $1300 of early termination fees from Hyundai. Again, I NEVER WOULD HAVE TURNED MY LEASE IN EARLY HAD I KNOWN I WOULD HAVE TO PAY EARLY TERMINATION FEES! This is a blatant violation of Consumer Protection Laws. “unfair and deceptive practices” to get me to sign the contract.

  25. Question, do you know if I return a used car in under 5 days will herb chambers refund the extended warranties along with purchase price or is that another loophole for them?

  26. HC HONDA BANDITS! sales must think the general public are idiots.When you attempt to recover youre 1k deposit because you are constantly lied to during the sales process ,oh we missed a digit on youre card number,you are all stealing pukebags.I had to turn it over to my bank rep for positive results,thank god for mastercard protection.

  27. Absolutely the most pathetic place to ever buy a car. I left there (BMW) years ago when they lied to me and went with Mercedes instead. Have not had a problem since. My in-laws brought their car there for a simple maintenance update and wound up with a bill for 6000 dollars for a new engine they said had to be put in. My in-laws are 84 and 75. They see nothing wrong in screwing the elderly. My wife fought with them and BMW corporate and they realized there were going to be some major lawsuits they basically put in engine for free. I could go on and on about their horrible customer service in my wife’s recent buying experience. She wont switch for some reason but she is now so fed up its ridiculous. Stay tuned for new website being developed regarding this poor excuse of car dealerships.

  28. In my previous post I complained about Herb Chambers and the lack of service we received when purchasing a car. I want to say that the issues have “ALL” been resolved to our extreme satisfaction. After working with the General Manager (Pranav) I realized through his professionalism and courtesy that they were truly trying to help us in any way possible. Pranav was a true gentleman and the process of correcting the situation was handled the way a truly REPUTABLE car dealership should operate. My wife and i look forward to a new relationship with BMW Sudbury for many years.

  29. I purchased a 2011 Ford Escape from Herb Chambers in Westborough, Mass. Shortly after my purchase the engine started making strong noised the car sounds like a 150,000 mile motor. I have a son-in-law who is an auto mechanic and teacher at a local industrial Tech high school He told me the Fan Clutch is gone and needs to be replaced. I took the car back to Herb Chambers Ford a number of times, was told this is normal for Ford Motors. I have owned Fords all my life. and been around cars for a life time and have never had a ford that sounded like this. Now that the cold weather is here My car ( THAT HAS ONLY 28000 MILES ON IT) sounds like a truck with major exhaust problems.
    I bought my wife a Buick and NOT from Herb Chambers. I wish I had seen this sight before I bought the Ford. I would not recommend Herb Chambers
    dealer ships to any one.

  30. No big surprise here with what I just read here!!! Just bought a 2012 Pathfinder Certified Pre-Owned with 30,000 miles. Started with the salesman that took me for a test drive. The vehicle had all its equipment working and drove well so we went into his office to do some paperwork. He informed me I qualified for a 3.99% and I informed him I had a credit score of 830 and that the rate was too high. He then insisted that was the best rate he could get me!!! ???? I put a deposit on the Pathfinder to hold it and left to research my own rate for the loan. My own credit union gave me a 2.65% based on my excellent credit score.
    SO NO LIE the salesman was so rude when i told him I would obtain my own loan from somewhere else that he insisted he could do better than his 3.99% he originally offered me GO FIGURE YOU SUDDENLY CAN GET ME A BETTER LOAN RATE when you told me 3.99% was supposedly all you could get me. This GUY called me at 8:30 at night to argue that if he could get me the same rate of 2.65% would I go with his financing YES OR NO he asked telling me to just answer his question!!! RUDE RUDE RUDE Go figure you didn’t even try to get me the better rate to start with so I told him no I would be financing with my own institution. WELL NO LIE this salesman starting getting upset with me on the phone that night telling me I WAS NOT A GOOD LISTENER:( REALLY!!!
    Had to call the service manager Larry Skinner who advised me he would sell the car to me himself as I refused to deal with this idiot for another second.
    THE BAD NEWS CONTINUES—–Car was purchased as certified pre-owned so top checks for any flaws except one!!! The car is subject to a five day look after the purchase with the customer being able to get their own inspection in the 5 days and anything that is not up to standard would be corrected or you can return the car for another vehicle.
    WAIT so my inspector said all the tires on this BIG SUV have to be the same BUT WAIT My vehicle had two all terrain BF Goodridge on the back and two Fusions on the front the inspector I went to told me to have them matchup all the tire to be the same. The Fusions were a low grade tire not normally used on a big SUV, not matching the two back tires, and would be quicker to wear out than the two BF Goodridge thus causing a problem with the alignment and the balance/rotation of the tires. GUESS WHAT THIS DEALER SHIP STINKS THEY FLAT OUT REFUSE TO PUT ON MATCHING TIRES EVEN THOUGH MY FIVE DAY INSPECTION WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY SAID I SHOULD HAVE THEM REPLACE THE FUSIONS WITH MATCHING BF GOODRIDGE. The the manager said he didn’t agree with my inspector and that they disagree and feel the mismatched tires are OK “REMEMBER THIS IS CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED” and sent me packing!!! Drove my pathfinder to the front door told me I could lodge a complaint pretended to be as polite as possible and told me to feel free to go over his head. Basically get lost No Deal take what we put on the car!!! I will see them in court and I will get matching tires on my $25,000 used certified pre owned vehicle. These guys are bullshitters and my salesman was incredibly rude. MULTI BIZILLION DOLLAR COMPANY AND MY CERTIFIED PRE OWNED PATHFINDER WAS DELIVERED WITH MISMATCHED TIRES don’t go there I wish I read this site before I signed the check for the Pathfinder their 5 day promise is BULLSHIT and I would never never recommend this the Boston Herb Chambers on Comm Ave to anyone or any Herb Chambers See you on YELP !!!!!

  31. By the way they also checked my credit 12 times at different institutions which caused my LifeLock to blow my cell phone up with credit scares that someone was aggressively running my credit. What a mess I actually had to call the business finance office at Herb Chambers of Boston on Comm Ave and tell them to STOP running my credit over and over as I had already told them I had secured my car loan with my own credit union for a better rate of 2.65% rather than accepting their lousy and insulting rate of 3.99% !!!! all they could supposedly get for me!! One more PS the car was test driven with car mats and when it got detailed to be delivered to me it had missing front car mats which they tried to say were never in the car in the first place !!!! So much CRAP

  32. I don’t even know where to begin….Their Honda dealership is no better and like an idiot I didn’t learn my lesson after getting taken to the cleaners with my Pilot and their shitty service department I stupidly purchased a used BMW from them and its been a living nightmare!! the delivery was supposed to be on Friday April 1st and it didn’t happen until Tuesday one lie after another the whole time. My husband had to go in in person to get a straight story that I believe was straight up bullshit and I’m still upset he didn’t pull the plug like I told him to. One thing after another with them but trust and believe I will NEVER purchase anything from them again, NOTHING.

  33. I recently bought a car fro Herb Chambers Seekonk, and thus far my experience has been okay. I got a fair value for my trade-in, and the price for the used vehicle I purchased was fair as well. I was able to review the carfax on the car I was purchasing prior to signing anything, and I even was able to review the carcass on the vehicle I was trading in prior to agreeing to a value. I subsequently called my salesperson a few days later to get a copy of the carfax reports and the service records on the vehicle I purchased from the time they obtained the vehicle to the time they listed it for sale. Within an hour all requested information had been faxed to me. My only complaint thus far in the process is that they turned the car over to me with very little gas in the tank. Aside from that I have had no issues during my trade and purchase. Bernardino Honda/Hyundai of Brockton was different. I arrived to test drive a specific car. We spent 20 minutes going through trade-in work first despite my commentst hat it was not yet necessary since I had not yet agreed to buy a car. The salesperson did not listen. We then went to get the vehicle I was to test drive, and it had been sold 3 days prior. No problem, the salesperson said. He then suggested another vehicle. The trunk needed to be big enough for a hockey bag, and I suggested we check the trunk in a similar model in the showroom where we were. Again, he did not listen. We walked far across the lot to find out that the trunk was too small. He then tried to recommend other models, but I was done. I then went to Seekonk and had no real issues.

  34. it was easier to make a website than to explain everything. I hope posting a link is ok.

  35. Anyone who has an issue with a car purchased at Herb Chambers should call the man himself! His cell phone number is 617-686-5500. His commercials make it clear that he is ready, willing, and able to solve any customer problems that may exist! Let’s see if that is true!

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  37. I recently purchased a vehicle (less than a month ago) from Herb Chambers Lexus of
    Sharon. The car turned out to be a piece of shit. It has been in their service department longer than I have physically owned it. I asked for a refund and got the run around, was told policies and procedures needed to be followed. They offered the 30 day exchange and told me I could choose a car from Their Hingham store or Sharon Store. I chose a car from their Hingham store and was told the car would be available on Sunday for a test drive. I got a call from the Manager (Niko) and the sales man (Jose) and was told I can’t have that vehicle because it’s at another dealership. This place has been a royal pain in the ass in taking responsibility for the piece of shit I was sold. As a matter of fact, their own service department told me “these issues with your vehicle should have been addressed once we took the car in for trade and put out to be resold..” Their own service department admitted that the 161 point service is basically a sham. Herb Chambers is a joke ! I reported and filed a compliant with the AG office and BBB. It baffles how places like this are still in business.

  38. I am amazed by the fact that a company can get as big as Herb Chambers and not give a s… about there customers. I bought several Land Rover products while living in Ohio. I checked and Herb Chambers Land Rover was in Sudbury so I felt safe about getting service on a car that most local repair shops don’t want to touch. For the first few years all was well. I got my oil changes and repairs done promptly and professionally. I recently noticed that one of my cars had a check engine light and not being a total idiot I got out my handy OBD meter and checked to see what it was. It was a code that looking on the internet looked like it was serious and that continued driving would cause serious damage. I called Herb Chambers of Sudbury and was told that the earliest I could get them to look at my car was 30 days. That does not make any sense to me. Either you are in the business of taking care of your customers or not. I would have to rent a car for 30 days plus how ever long it took for them to resolve the problem I am sure that would cost me thousands of dollars. Well I have decided that Land Rover does not have a local service and am in process of trading in my vehicles for another high end SUV “Not Herb Chambers”

  39. Just purchased a 2014 RX350 from Herb in Hingham. All fine until I tried to install a trailer hitch and wiring. Hitch was installed “without a hitch” so to speak. Wiring was a different story. Purchased from e-trailer and none of the lights worked after connecting the wire to the connector under the rear bumper. Checked the voltage at the “Lexus” connector still no voltage. Took it to Hingham Lexus and they tell me I need an additional computer module because I have “Parking Assist” on the car. I just wish they would sell whole cars not 1/2 a car. Anyway I was dealing with the service manager, Ricky Medeiros, What a bunch of idiots working there. They tried to sell me a module. Some nerve of these people. Also the service guy was an idiot. No more cars for me from Herb. He needs to realize that return customers cost little or no money for attract while new customers cost them plenty. especially when people read comments like this. So long HERB.

  40. I just bought a car at Herb Chambers in Westborough MA on 9/10/27. I was approved for the car loan through a bank and signed all given papers, gave a deposit, and told to pickup the car that Wednesday so they could clean it up some. It was a used car that had just come in. My son and I went home and waited for them to call us to pick it up. Two days later the supposed bank called me to tell me they needed to go over some info regarding my personal information to make sure all is in order. I asked if there was a problem and they told me no but were not sure about a few things. I told them Herb Chambers told me I was approved for the landlord an and that’s why I drove the car home. The man from the bank said “just because you drove it home doesn’t mean we approved the loan” I was Like are you serious???. Seven days after we took the car home. He dealership calls and says the bank pulled out of the loan so all they need me to do is send in proof of my income and they will forward it to another possible creditor who may take on the auto lamp an at a lower rate for less a month and less months to pay. I sent in the info, and it’s been two days since I’ve heard anything. I don’t know what to do, I’ve sold my junker, insured the new car and paid for new plates and all. I’m afraid I’ll have to Give it back. Why would Herb Chambers in Westborough allow me to believe my car has the loan and drive it home??? I’m so upset and feeling helpless to what I should do now.Do I return the vehicle and get my deposit back and ask for money to cover my loses? I’m without car I went into see them with. If I return the car I won’t have a car at all. Why would they do this to innocent customers only trying to purchase a vehicle in good faith? Any help will be helpful.

  41. I just bought a car at Herb Chambers in Westborough MA on 9/10/27. I was approved for the car loan through a bank and signed all given papers, gave a deposit, and told to pickup the car that Wednesday so they could clean it up some. It was a used car that had just come in. My son and I went home and waited for them to call us to pick it up. Two days later the supposed bank called me to tell me they needed to go over some info regarding my personal information to make sure all is in order. I asked if there was a problem and they told me no but were not sure about a few things. I told them Herb Chambers told me I was approved for the loan and that’s why they allowed me to drive the car home. The man from the bank said “just because you drove it home doesn’t mean we approved the loan” I was Like are you serious???. Seven days after we took the car home the dealership calls and says the bank pulled out of the loan so all they need me to do is send in proof of my income and they will forward it to another possible creditor who may take on the loan at a lower rate for less a month and less months to pay. I sent in the info, and it’s been two days since I’ve heard anything. I don’t know what to do. I’ve sold my junker, insured the new car and paid for new plates and all. I’m afraid I’ll have to give it back. Why would Herb Chambers in Westborough allow me to believe my car has the loan and drive it home??? I’m so upset and feeling helpless to what I should do now. Do I return the vehicle and get my deposit back and ask for money to cover my loses? I’m without the van I went into see them with. If I return the car I won’t have a car at all. Why would they do this to innocent customers only trying to purchase a vehicle in good faith? Any help will be helpful.

  42. Herb Chambers Ram in Danvers.

    So my 2015 Ram 2500 with 101,000 miles on it is on a flatbed on the way to Sudbay Ram I’m Gloucester. A dealership we don’t have enough nice things to say about from past and present purchases.

    Back to HC- I was in there in July, 11,000 miles ago with concerns about the transmission. They were fairly rude, billed me for diagnostic and transmission service and said it was in perfect shape and sent me on my way.

    Now 3 mos later I have a blown transmission. I’m not a mechanic but I feel pretty strongly that they did what they could to get it running long enough to get out of warranty. That was actually the first thing out of the manager’s mouth when I called. That, and mentioning that I wasn’t really a customer of theirs. I explained I never needed to bring this vehicle in until July but that I have gone there on many occasions for parts for my previous Ram trucks.

    I finally called Chrysler who couldn’t have been more helpful, but did specify that I needed an appointment before they could escalate the claim. So the CSA at Chrysler calls Herb Chambers- wouldn’t you know- they can’t see my vehicle for over a month. The guys at Sudbay even laughed in disgust and said “should’ve said you needed brakes.”

    TBA, but it seems like Chrysler is going to do the right thing, but fuck Herb Chambers, and fuck his cheesedick billboards about customer service.

  43. They are unprofessional, rude and unethical people who treat customers like dogshit, even when buying a 90,000 vehicle from them. They have no sense of urgency to work on behalf of the client, lack communication skills and the General Manager Rich @ Boston Maseratti is ok with this behaviir because he himself does it. There is no true customer service provided. They act as if they’re doing you a favor for buying a car of them they make you wait long periods of time to receive your vehicle and date contracts in correctly. They continuously dodger calls and show no remorse for treating you so poorly no apologies and no sense of wanting to make it up to the customer . They truly are the worst dealer that we have ever dealt with in our entire life we have never been treated so poorly and with such disrespect ! It is incomprehensible the degree of unethical a d distepectful treatment. They are crooks who wear a tie and sell famcy cars.

  44. Well, I was stupid to just buy another Herb Chambers Dealership vehicle. Overtime I had a problem I was told its not covered. It should be because I spent about 3 grand for the extended warranty. Then later tell me it was covered when I spoke to the finacne guy who sold me the warranty.
    Almost every time they would tell me its not covered. So now I brought my truck in for the 3rd time for the same problem. WTF are they morons or are they just blowing smoke up my ass. So I call the GM and tell him my truck is there for the 3RD time and my wife jeep is also there but the service line just keeps ringing. The GM apologizes to me and says he”ll call me back I’m going to call him because he still hasn’t got back to me.

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