Herb Chambers Infiniti

I am in the middle of a dispute with the service department of Herb Chambers Infiniti in Boston. This is for some work they did on my i30, which I recently retired for my new S4.

After doing some online research, I found that customer complaints against Herb Chambers‘ service department are quite common. Before I get into too many details, I am giving their service manager, Paul Dineen, a few more days to propose a way to make things right. Thus far they have been mostly ignoring me. Those of you who know me know how much I love that.

I suppose the best way to summarize things for the moment is that they sold me several thousand dollars worth of duct tape, and tried to blame it on me. “Wow, that’s a lot of duct tape!” you might say. But actually it really wasn’t a lot – just a couple feet of it. So, I guess it’s just really nice duct tape. *sigh*

EDIT: Herb Chambers update.

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