Had a great hike today with buddy Ian. About 6+ miles; approx. 5 hours. I’d characterize the trail as moderate to rugged – a teeny bit of actual climbing here and there but mostly just the graded woody terrain you’d expect in the White Mountains.

We were in the general vicinity of Mount Chocorua. Made our way up (if memory serves me..) the Piper Trail to Carter Ledge Trail and hung around on Carter Ledge for a while. What a gorgeous area – wish I’d been able to take some photos – we had basically a 360-degree view of several mountains (including the “Three Sisters” which looked more like six). Breathtaking, all. And plenty of fresh blueberries!

The hike was medium difficulty, but made much harder by the oppressive heat and humidity. Under the tree cover it was like a sauna – we were soaked. Luckily we’d each brought unbelievably generous supplies of water (a whopping 20 oz each) so we were feeling a bit dumb by the time we arrived on Carter Ledge.

Aside from breathtaking views, we saw the usual incredible variety of life one would expect – from frogs the size of acorns to horse flies the size of footballs. I miss hiking and really wish there were some great trails closer to where I live.

Am very glad I did it – serves as another reminder of the beauty of our planet and the magic of life.

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