Holiday travel with US Airways

Tomorrow morning I’ll be off (hopefully) to Charleston, SC for a retreat. Since my usual airline (American) doesn’t fly into Charleston, I’ve had the good luck of booking my travel on US Airways. The last couple of days of travel on US Air have apparently been an unmitigated disaster due to some nefarious employee actions like a sick-out or something. I’m not sure I understand the employees’ logic here. Drive nails into your employer’s coffin for what sake? Then again, unionized labor is not one of my favorite things, and I need to keep my mind open to the possibility that maybe there’s some super-secret union-logic that’s beyond my tiny ability to comprehend.

Anyway, I am tempted to re-book on another carrier but with 24 hours notice that is not an inexpensive notion. (Nor one full of lots of lovely options such as sleeping beyond 4am).

So, I will be chancing it and showing up at Logan with my US Air e-ticket and hoping for the best. Stay tuned.

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