How Wrong The GOP’s Gone

I just watched the Republican debate in Orlando, hosted by FOX News.  I was saddened and moved by how many of the candidates got thunderous rounds of applause with vapid, cheap, throwaway rhetoric about “strong families” and a “strong military” and “strong economy.”  But it was perhaps most indicative of the end of the GOP when Ron Paul – standing in for true conservatives everywhere – was constantly greeted by booing and moaning whenever he spoke.  His controversial message?   His usual common sense about a humble, sensible foreign policy; smaller government; and a balanced budget.  [BOOOOOO!]

One of the moderators, Wendell Goler, pointed this out and asked Paul if the Republicans had left him or if he had left the party (paraphrasing Ronald Reagan.)  Paul criticized the Republican insurgency of neocons, gave a brief history of the GOP as common-sense non-interventionists, and also that pesky old thing called the Constitution.  Of course, he finished to a few claps and loud boos.  WTF?

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