Huxley Novel? Satirical Piece from The Onion?

No, but that’d be nice. It’s reality, folks. I love the agreeable ignoramuses quoted in the article, too, especially Ronald Cohen of East Windsor, NJ, who (apparently) said:

“Anything they do is a good thing. I have no problems with it.”

Ronald (and millions of like-minded patriots such as Nathan Irby of Baltimore) will love those full body cavity searches and that brand spanking new in-home monitoring equipment. And hey, who needs sleep if “they” need to search your home at 3am? Or perhaps just take some stuff. Or even put you in jail without a hearing or a trial or access to a lawyer. Just on the off chance it might help them “fight terror.”

And why don’t these organizations stand up and say, “no?” Is it fear? Complacency? Both?

Not to be too bleak tonight, but when I read stuff like this I think I’m living in some nightmare world where the will of the individual has been nearly (and willingly) extinguished.

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