I don’t even know enough to know I don’t know…

Shot a bunch of pix of Princess D this weekend, she was very patient and forgiving as I carried on like a moron with a new toy (because I am a moron with a new toy).

Beyond learning the camera and improving my technique, I was especially trying to learn the new flash I bought in NYC. Now I have even found myself debating a semi-professional setup in some corner of my apartment…. and as I learn, I learn how very much I have to learn. Anyway, some of them came out nicely despite me (I’ll post more, but there are 5-6 already in the gallery – bottom ones are newest.) I made a few rather obvious compositional mistakes that I am now angry about. As usual, the ones that were unplanned and unposed are the ones that came out the best. There may be a lesson therein.

Anyway, onward.

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