Ice Cream Flavor Suggestion: Baked Acadia

I sent in a flavor suggestion to Ben & Jerry’s a year or two ago and was summarily ignored. So now I share it with you, dear readers, in hopes that you will go out and make it and achieve greatness.

Here is my e-mail to them:

Combining the heartwarming experience of delicious cake with the cool magic of ice cream, this exciting new flavor finally brings the cake & ice cream experience to the Ben & Jerry’s menu. Like its namesake, Acadia National Park, this fiord of flavor combines things of breathless beauty – intertwining a sea of sweet cream with mountains of moist cake and waves of buttercream frosting.

(Hey, I know what you’re thinking – but I grew up there – I’m not some drunk tourist.)

The details:

The foundation of this fantastic creation should probably be sweet cream. Especially since I already wrote that whole part about the sea of sweet cream. A sea of peanut butter or coffee may not excite the senses quite the same way. Plus, you already make gobs of the stuff, so there’s that whole economy-of-scale thing.

It would be brilliantly rippled with a ribbon of delicious buttercream frosting. Here we have our promised “waves” of frosting.

Now, the cake — floating in our delicious “sea” are baby-sized chunks of cake in varying traditional flavors such as chocolate, yellow, and red velvet. If you really wanted to get creative, they could even be teeny tiny *actual* cakes, rather than just chunks of cake. Why be lazy, right?

So, anyway, that’s my Baked Acadia idea. I hope you like it and that it becomes part of Ben & Jerry’s legendary menu of rocking flavors.

Folks – get to it. The opportunity is huge.

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