Iranian Questions

Well, I’ll sleep better knowing we’ve pushed about three notches closer to a war stance against Iran in the last 24 hours. We all remember President Bush’s enlightened words, “you’re either with us, or with the terrorists.” Well, Mr. President, it looks like a terrorist just got “elected” President in Iran.

How rigged was this election? I know this vote does not represent the millions of young, elightened, open minded people who live in Iran. Did they vote in good numbers? If so, is there really that much of a worldview chasm between generations of people in Iran? And if they didn’t vote, why not?

Is there any objective polling data out of Iran that can help us understand this? Or is the most politically active segment of the population the ones with all the fundamentalist hatred?

And the part that is even more curious – former hostage Chuck Scott made this claim at about 5 this morning. Throughout the day, several other hostages have come forward and supported his contention. Yet, speaking on NBC tonight at about 8pm EDT, he said that no one from US intelligence, the White House, nor the State department have attempted to contact him all day. I find that absolutely preposterous and disturbing. Why and how on earth could that be?

I’m interested in dissecting this, if for no other reason than it’s starting to make me think The Apocalypse of John is coming true.

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