Jobs on tiny videos

“We’ve got this great device, it’s got a screen, it’s got this amazing user interface with the click wheel. What else can we do with it? What else can we add to the music? Our competitors are saying it’s video. ‘Let’s add video.’ So that’s what they’re doing. They’re producing devices like this. [Gestures to slide of the Portable Media Center from Creative Technologies.] The Creative Zen one, in this case.

“There’s a bunch of ’em coming out. They all share some things in common. They’re quite a bit bigger than an iPod. Matter of fact, they’re too big to fit in your pocket, unless you made a custom pocket. They’re really big. And they’re too heavy to really carry around and use. And no one has any video content to put on them. It’s not like music, where you have your whole music library on your computer. Nobody has the content. And even if they did, the screens are much too small to watch video, anyway. So we think these products are wrong. We think that video may be the wrong direction to go.”

— Steve Jobs, in a speech in San Jose last summer

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