3 thoughts on “Libertarians for Obama”

  1. Stop drinking the Kool-aid buddy. Obama is almost the worst case scenarios for a president as far as Libertarians are concerned. Here is a good working definition from Wikipedia describing a Libertarian:

    Libertarianism’s ideals, although often varied in detail, typically center on policies in favor of extensive personal liberties, rejecting compulsory Socialism and Communism in favor of allowing private property … promoting personal responsibility and private charity and opposing welfare statism, and advocating either limiting or entirely eliminating the power and scope of the state in order to maximize individual liberty.

    Obama may be many things, but a Libertarian he is not. Here are just a handful of reasons:

    Smaller government, which includes a reduced tax burden for everyone, is a central tenant of Libertarianism. His speeches are full Populist failed ideas of Class warfare, e.g. cut taxes for only the middle class, because the wealth do not deserve it, doesn’t sit well with most Libertarians. Reduce the tax burden for all, not just the few…

    Socialized Health care is compulsory Socialism — another example of his idealized welfare state.

    His support of so-called “Fair Pay” laws, tokenism and quotas strike at the heart of Individualism.

    He opposes free-trade, e.g. NAFTA.

    Favors “closed shop” unions, i.e. forcing individuals to pay union fees against their will if they want to work.

    Like most Populists, blames the credit crunch on Mortgage companies, forgetting that individuals are also part of the problem.

    Looking at his website, most of his solutions to require spending more money, this can only mean a larger government.

    Bottom line, although our troops may be sent home under Obama, but I’m not sure their going to like the country he wants to create.

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