London, MBTA, rail safety, and terror

First of all, the odds of you getting injured by a terrorist are basically zero. Relative to that risk, it’s a near-certainty that you’ll die in your car tomorrow on the way to work. What are all of you so afraid of?

What happened in London is a tragedy and a horror I’d wish on no one. It’s very likely a result of islamic militants spreading an ideology to which I am vehemently opposed.

After the London incident, the “alert level” in Boston’s subway system was raised to orange (or maybe tangerine – I always get those shades mixed up) with great fanfare and a hurried press conference from the Governor. I checked my color chart magnet on the fridge and orange means “dress for sun”, so I put on cargo shorts and a silky soft Boss t-shirt and headed downtown. Wandering in and out of the Copley station, from what I could tell this basically means more cops standing around. How, exactly, is this making any difference whatsoever, except in my tax bill?

Then, on the way back, I heard Hillary Clinton carrying on about how the President had “cut $50 million from the budget destined to protect our railways”. Senator, could you at least wait for Londoners to finish dredging the corpses out of Piccadilly before you start on the pork and the politics? Get off my fucking radio.

I disagree with how Bush has handled basically all of this, but I certainly don’t accept the Washington assumption that your dedication to solving a problem is measured by how much of my money you throw at it.

And not to pick on the Londoners, but why all the bomb-sniffing dogs now? The bombs already went off, guys. Where were these dogs a few days ago? Something tells me they weren’t checking tube trains.

This is not a conflict of money nor of armament. It is a conflict of social and political ideology. Bombs and bored cops and an infinity of taxpayer dollars will not solve it.

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