MAPS, Rick Doblin, and MDMA

Newsweek did a good piece on the progress my friend Rick Doblin is making at MAPS with their efforts to conduct honest research into the use of MDMA (“ecstasy”) in psychotherapy. The research is being conducted in South Carolina currently – and soon, just up the road in Belmont, at McLean Hospital.

I credit Newsweek and its editors with being brave enough to run this piece (and an even lengthier – but less honest – version in their international edition). But, I also think it’s a shame that it still is very much the exception, rather than the rule, to see rational news coverage on this issue. (Newsweek‘s international editors still couldn’t resist the deceptive subhead “Some doctors want to see if ecstasy, a dangerous illicit drug, can help cancer patients and trauma victims” and doing some other inaccurate editorializing about the drug).

Let’s hope Rick is right and we’re seeing an opening of the culture.

There’s a scan of the US article with images here, courtesy of MAPS.

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