Marine One Mechanic Goes Missing

Sometimes the best little stories fall under the radar – apparently one of the Marine staff sergeants that travel with the President went “missing” during the recent Vietnam trip.

According to ABC News,

The missing staff sergeant was a maintenance specialist assigned to the Marine One Presidential Helicopter detail. After a night out drinking with fellow Marines, the specialist “left his hotel on the back of a moped driven by a local national without telling anyone,” a Marine Corps spokeswoman confirmed to ABC News. U.S. government sources with knowledge of the incident said Vietnamese police were then called in to aid the Marines in a citywide manhunt. They temporarily shut down two popular bars in an intense effort to locate the missing soldier without success. The specialist finally surfaced the next morning, hung over and late for work. According to an official account provided to ABC News by the Marine Corps, he explained, “He had become inebriated and spent the night with the local national.”

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall when his commanding officer spoke to him the next day.

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