More Dreaming

What I’ve been dreaming about the last week or so:

  • Saltaire
  • Natalia Vodianova
  • The collapse of the great American experiment
  • Attacking a mouse with a knife
  • The usual assortment of strange unfoldings, new cities, and friends yet unmet.

My dreams tend to be very colorful and vivid. I don’t know why, particularly, but it’s always been part of my experience.

Now, some crazy talk. In my dreams, color often seems more like “hypercolor” because colors are much more vibratory in that realm than they are to me in non-dreaming space. It’s a matter of degree, not kind – I definitely think I “feel” colors in everyday life, it just is more noticable in my dreamscapes.

This all may stem from the fact that I have always been synesthetic in the sense that I experience visual things extravisually as well as visually. I “feel” color. I see it, yes – but the reason colors and sights can be so intense for me is because I really feel them. When I’m shopping, I look at everything, and I touch it. I suppose that may be true of everyone, but to me, inside my head, I am having a primarily visual experience through both channels; i.e. the “touch channel” and the “sight channel” are merging somewhere inside and delivering a single hypersensory experience.

Sounds, especially music, also have a spatial/visual component for me, but probably less intense than the visual/tactile stuff. It may be cross-wiring due to the fact that I’ve never heard particularly well.

I also have weird conceptual/pereptual overlaps that are a bit harder to explain but they almost feel like “idea synesthesia”. Like, if a certain idea or concept comes into my head, it can have an associated “color” or even a particular location in 3-D space. As a kid I remember memorizing my state capitals by color. Not sure how, but it worked.

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