More great music to report

Well I can’t believe it’s taken me a week to get to this… OK. Last weekend I had dinner at Club Passim with the sole purpose of seeing Kate Klim perform. I had raved about her a while back after my ears happened upon her voice while I was wandering Harvard Square, but until now hadn’t had a chance to see her.

Creative expression goes through filters (theirs and ours) before it jumps inside and connects with us. Some of the filters are yours, some theirs, etc. With some artists, it seems like there are fewer filters, that you’re getting a more direct view of who they are when they perform. Kate’s one of those, and it’s evident when she’s up there doing her muse thing. So, simply put, she was great. We didn’t stick around for Edie Carey and felt guilty.

So, what you should do is listen up, then buy her albums and see her perform when you get the chance. She also was brand-conscious enough to point out that her last name was “milk spelled backwards” but forgot to tell folks that Kate is “etak” spelled backwards. 😉 Chatted with her briefly and she’s as delightful offstage as on.

We also saw the Dresden Dolls the evening prior and I thought they were very good. The crowd was as interesting as the Dolls. For example, I saw a real, actual pirate. The Dolls are highly recommended – very high-energy music in a delivered in a soulful goth-cabaret-narrative style.

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