More Slaughterhouse Abuse

Y’all know how I feel about factory farming in general. Stuff like this really upsets me, and one of these days, Mother Nature is going to bite back. When she does, it’ll be pretty hard to feel sorry for those she bites. Those of you who eat meat should, at the very least, be sure it’s not commercially farmed and never saw the inside of a slaughterhouse. (In the words of Michael Pollan, “pay more, eat less.”) Video is here.

One thought on “More Slaughterhouse Abuse”

  1. I think the people that are mistreating these animals should be pulled and pushed with heavy equipment! It isn’t bad enough that they are to be killed for food? If it’s sick, don’t feed it to my kids. I don’t give them sour milk either. I’m glad my kids don’t eat a lot of meat. How scary is this?! Does it make you wonder what these people do to their family when they go home?

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