My Professional Transition, Objectives, Apathy and Empathy

This is more of a “diary” entry than the usual article, so bear with me.

As many of you know, I have departed fama PR, the high-tech PR agency I helped start over four years ago. I learned a ton, worked with excellent people, served some exciting clients, and helped build an excellent business that I am proud of. However, as an entrepreneur with a short attention span, the time had come for me to start the head-clearing process and consider what might be next. I have found that a break between ventures is very good for the soul; I realize people have economic realities, but I’ve never understood how people can jump from one thing to another with any sense of clarity or direction. The time in between – for inner exploration and reflection – is precious and well worth the cost.

I’ve kicked off some rich self-analysis – cracking open such classics as Dick Bolles’ “What Color Is Your Parachute” and identifying and prioritizing my passions, values and skills in a way I never have before. I think if you’d asked me six months ago what my top skills were, I’d have done pretty well in telling you. However, if you’d asked what my second-favorite skill is or my top three personal values, I might have come up short. This sounds hokey, but I encourage those of you who have never engaged in these types of exercises to give them a shot. I’m learning a lot.

One of my many objectives for this new life stage is to do more writing and get some work published. This is not as easy as it sounds; I’ve been writing for ages, yet am just learning how to structure my day and thinking in such a way that I can turn out thoughtful copy regularly. My deal with BlogBurst requires one quality piece per week, and that has been serving well as a motivation tool and a deadline.

Another objective for the summer is geographic exploration – both for the mind-expanding reward of seeing places and experiencing international cultures I never have before, and also to figure out where “home” will be. I am committed to Boston through Labor Day, and then all bets are off. At the top of the list are Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York (in that order.)

Yet another objective is to be a better photographer – especially with regard to fashion photography – and continue expanding my portfolio. I’ve found that creative process to be very enriching and a fun way to show others what the world looks like to me.  Not as a new career, but as a revived creative outlet.  Although it would be extremely difficult (impossible) to grow into being a fashion photographer while here, even as an avocational pursuit.

I also will push myself to be even more engaged socially and politically. I’m a cultural and political loudmouth and (hopefully) it’s going to get louder. The stunned silence in this nation is bummin’ me out. My personal challenge is to be louder without sounding too angry or bitter. In particular: I love America, yet am so disillusioned with Americans and our apathy that I often find my empathy in short supply. I am seriously working on that.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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