NYC area

After spending a couple of days up home in Maine reconnecting with friends and family, I made my way down to the Southern CT/NYC area for a few days. I went to the Mohegan Sun casino with the lovely Deanna, where she cautiously played craps as I watched, then excitedly cheered me on as I lost large amounts of money in high-limit slot machines. Ah, how fun it can be to be slowly bled.

We did some random exploring and fine dining – never making it into the city, actually – and she made her way home Sunday.

Today, I headed into the city for a couple quick parties and poorly planned, last minute get togethers. Unfortunately (due to the location of my obligations) it had to be midtown, my least favorite part of Manhattan. I had wanted – and intended – to spend more time in NYC this time but it just didn’t work out that way. So, I grabbed some sushi at Monster Sushi (pretty damn good for midtown,) extracted myself this evening and have dropped into Philadelphia for the night. I checked out the nearby Continental – a neat and funky spot, but nearly empty and they’d stopped serving food at 11. Oh well.

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