Our President is a Criminal, Exhibit 439

US Attorney General Michael Mukasey: “Torture, as you know, is now unlawful under American law. I can’t contemplate any situation in which this President would assert Article II authority to do something that the law forbids.”

Senator Arlen Specter: “Well, he did just that in violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act; he did just that in disregarding the express mandate of the National Security Act to notify the intelligence committees.. didn’t he?”

Mukasey: “I think we are now in a situation where both of those issues have been brought within statutes and that’s the procedure going forward.”

Specter: “That’s not the point. The point is that he acted in violation of statutes, didn’t he?”

Mukasey: “I don’t know.”

[Testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, 1/30/08]

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